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What is Amelia?

Amelia is the leading mobile fundraising app combining machine learning algorithms and your nonprofit’s donor data to help you engage more efficiently and effectively within your donor community. Amelia is simple enough for any fundraising professional, board member or volunteer. Users are unlimited for no additional cost to your nonprofit.

What platform does Amelia use?

Amelia is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) product. We love having friends and built Amelia to easily integrates with Raiser’s Edge NXT. The platform is built on the React Native framework, so you can unlock insights from your data more quickly, on the app itself and in the cloud.

Is Amelia a CRM solution?
Amelia is a mobile application that syncs with your fundraising data and makes it easier than ever to access it while on-the-go. We work closely with your nonprofit to ensure the ongoing transfer of data in both environments. Amelia is not a CRM (Constituent Relationship Management) solution and is not intended to replace your existing one.
What CRMs work with Amelia?

Amelia now exclusively integrates with Raiser’s Edge NXT. 

Is my data secure on Amelia?
We take donor data privacy seriously and are committed to working with your team on an ongoing basis to ensure utmost confidentiality. We leverage Azure and offer HIPAA and PCI compliant services to ensure secure data transfer and take industry-standard measures to secure data from applicable threats, align appropriate layers of defense, and monitor data transportation.
Do I own my data in Amelia?
Yes. The data within Amelia belongs exclusively to your nonprofit.
How many seats or licenses do I get?
Because we believe every member of your team deserves the best fundraising tools at their fingertips, Amelia users are unlimited for no additional cost to your nonprofit. The more fundraisers, board members and volunteers use Amelia, the smarter and more useful it becomes.
Will Amelia work on my device?
Amelia is compatible with most Apple iOS and Android devices. We aren’t fans of Windows or Blackberry phones (Sorry 2009).
What does Amelia cost?

Pricing is dependent upon a number of factors, including data volume and organization size. Please contact us at for a customized quote to meet your nonprofit’s needs.